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The Lash Artisan Lash Lift and Tint Workshop is a 3 part course that thoroughly covers the following:

PART 1 The client consultation procedures: Together we will go through the consultation process to make sure you understand the best level of lift, bump, and curvature based on your client’s natural lashes and desired look.

PART 2 The lash lifting treatment: Together we will go through the step by step lash lifting procedure by covering the following.

• How to prepare and clean client eyelashes prior to the lift treatment. • How to accurately and safely conceal the lower eyelashes.

• How to place the curved shapers on the eyelids to ensure that they are securing the natural lashes properly in place.

• How to apply setting lotion to the lash shapers so that all the natural lashes are coated for curl processing.

• The correct number of coats required based on the clients natural eyelash thickness and their goals with the lift procedure.

• How to adjust natural lashes while setting, to achieve the best curl possible. • The correct time allowance for the setting lotion to “set” based on the clients natural eyelash thickness and length.

• How to remove the lifting chemicals from the lash area safely so that the client experiences zero discomfort. • How to “lock in” the lift so clients experience maximum benefits for the longest time possible. • How to remove the lash shapers comfortably once the treatment is completed.

• The best way to show your client her new gorgeous lifted lashes so she can see the amazing difference.

PART 3 The aftercare:

• How to take care of lashes that have undergone a lift treatment.

• How often your client should get lash lifts and when is it time to take a break.

• General rules and precautions the client should know after receiving a lash lift treatment.

Course Includes:

Detailed Manual

Premium Dolly Lash Kit

Lash Tint Kit


**5 hours and you must bring your own model**

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